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D-A-D-D on Burning Debris

This lady doesn't care the find is big for what she is doing

A loss of life can stem from this behavior in a car.

  D-A-D-D has the responsibility try to and get all to understand that the lives of those living along the road are in your hands when you throw burning debris from you car.  While this is only important during the dry time of the year, we need to practice Not throwing burning debris out the window of a moving vehicle.  Practice doing this every time you’re in the car and if you have to ride with the window down to avoid choking kids in the car with you, then by all or any means Stop smoking in the car.
  I’m a non-smoker and nothing you do when you smoke in the car, will save your child from breathing in the cigarette smoke and effecting their lives down the road with health issues, because you had to smoke in the car.  If, someone else put your child in danger like smoking in the car, you would be trying to sue them in court for money.
  This would never help your child lead a healthy life from what you did to them, just because you had to light up in the car.
 Please, remember that your children love you and you should love them back by helping to pass a law, making illegal to smoke in an automobile.
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D-A-D-D has to take the time to help fill all in on the fact that we are coming up on the driest season of the year.  We all know that when you drive and throw burning debris from your moving vehicle that someone has the  opportunity to Inform law enforcement that your are an arsonist just waiting to happen.
D-A-D-D knows, when every you throw something that’s burning out the window of your car or truck, then your a dumb driver with poor behavior towards those who live along the roads where you drive.

D-A-D-D has every right to post these types of stories, If you think your have the right to Break the Motor Vehicle Laws.  It’s No different then driving down the road where children live and play with your hand out the window in the air with your middle finger proudly displacing your IQ of number of Parents who loved you.

D-A-D-D would just like those parents, who really loves their children to  Join the Quest that D-A-D-D in pushing.   It will be worth the effort in helping to create  car safety for kids  and to save their lives, while parents drive.

No child in a car safety seat every killed themselves in a car they don’t drive.

Thank you for reading,  D-A-D-D hopes you join in the push for saving lives of kids in cars they don’t drive.

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God Bless the Children of the world.



D-A-D-D Lane Travel

Dumb Driver turns left across double yellow

D-A-D-D has for many years been on the receiving end of the ticket scene.  While we as loving parents should know that it’s up to each one of Us to protect each others children from death due to the types of driver’s that this blog is about.  D-A-D-D  will attempt to provide the links for the information on lane travel, how to stay safe while in traffic.  When your driving in your lane and want to change lanes, you have to use your turn signal to make it a safe lane maneuver.  Flash your turn signal at least five times before you make the lane change and watch for others turning to your path.  Everyone has the chance of being involved in a wreck, where your child or someone Else’s child could be hurt or worse Killed.  D-A-D-D has this opportunity to try to explain how to drive with the respect others need to keep their children safe while they drive across town, county, state or cross the country.  We can work together to put an end to the needless deaths of our kids.  Speeding one the number one reason you crash your car and hurt your children.  D-A-D-D would hope that when you see a driver doing something that is dangerous to others, that you would turn them in for reckless driving.  While the right lane travel can help to make you a safe driver, choosing  the right speed for the condition will make sure to save your life and that of your family.  D-A-D-D has the hope and faith that all who read this blog post would help us in this effort to keep young driver’s from hurting others with the car parents provide.
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Dumb Driving Habits

NO need for Blinker use in turn only lane

The turn only lane needs No blinker, You can only turn right.

When you speed in your car, while your child are in the car, then you should rethink your driving habits to save the Lives of Kids, who play along the Roads you speed down.  Police do their Job, If, they watch cars while they are Off duty and then see the same car when they are On duty and stop the vehicle in question.  This doesn’t make them Bad Police Officers, because they singled you out of the crowd.  When you sticker up or build your car to be illegal, then drive like an Ass, you will get stopped.  So, lets all do our part to save the lives of children in cars their Parents drive.  If, your child is in a car safety seat and you wreck your Car, you should go straight to Jail for Reckless Endangerment, lose your Car,  your child and your life style.  Leave your child in the car and go into the Store and you will go to Jail.  More kids die to their parents in Wrecks of Cars they Don’t Drive.  If, you blame anything for the Wreck, then you’re a Dumb Driver I blog about.  I have lost friends to Dumb Driving behavior of others in cars.

Everyone knows someone who as died in an auto wreck and still they think they can out drive the Laws of Physic’s. Your so Wrong, Race car driver‘s can’t do it, BUT you can. “WOW” No wonder the death rate on the roads is out of control

How Dumb is that?

Did you fail at Math in school?                                                                                                 Bet you did…

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D-A-D-D on Road Stripping

Intersection By a School

D-A-D-D has enough knowledge of the law, to know that the strip jobs done by those in that profession, should know the law when they lay down the strip that makes a left turns unsafe and illegal.   D-A-D-D will provide the links, that will give you the information you need on the laws about Motor vehicles and to operate them Safely.  When your not allowed to change lanes for 100 feet before or after an intersection.  D-A-D-D see the wrong stripes all around Cowlitz County Washington, a solid yellow must be accompanied by a broken yellow line to cross them left.  The reason why the double yellow doesn’t go thought the intersection.  The Man who stripes the roads, thinks It’s legal to pass in school zone and that’s why they Double striped the Road.  D-A-D-D just see this as a waste of money.   The line just makes turning left into your driveway a ticket of $280.00 from a Washington State patrol officer.  D-A-D-D has received this ticket went to court and beat it, the judge couldn’t and would believe that a county worker would have such an idea about the stripping Laws. I gave the judge the name of the supervisor for road stripping, he new of him.  All of the photos below have one thing in common, they are all located in a 25 zone and it’s never legal to pass in a speed restricted area that is posted under 30 with curbs and sidewalks.   D-A-D-D believes that the man stripping the road shows us in the photos, He doesn’t have a Clue.  Now, explain to your teen driver’s, what this is all about.  Why can You only pass on one of the streets, headed away from the School.  The one street that is mark so you can pass,  is on a Corner.  The other  two streets you can’t pass on are straighter than the one marked with a single line.  D-A-D-D wants to know how he received this employment position, with the county, in the State of Washington.

School Buses cross the double yellow line everyday when leave the School, because of the way He stripped the roads.

Not legal to pass on any Street posted 30mph or less.

Double yellow line will be broken at all intersection or accompanied by broken line, this makes left turns legal.

Stop Wasting Money and feed the hungry Kids with IT.

Down 46th away from the School

Down 46th away from the School

Down Ohio St. away from School
Down Ohio St. away from the School

Down Pine st. In front of School

D-A-D-D has to pose on question to All the Good driver’s, Can you out drive the Laws of Physic’s?

Then your Not a Safe Driver,  your Lucky not to have killed yet.

Please, Help in this effort to Stop the deaths of our children from Dumb driving Behavior.

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D-A-D-D “Safe Teen Driver’s”

Hi everybody, How are you doing on this beautiful Day?  D-A-D-D has started this page to help inform the teen driver’s on why they should drive with Care.  We are hoping to explain the facts on driving and operating of a phone or any device.   While you drive other people rely on you to stay on your own side of the road and not lose control of your vehicle.

D-A-D-D is wanting all parents to have their children read this blog and I will try and find good information on, how to drive safe.  We know that as a kid you want to drive fast, but, the Laws of Physics do apply to cars and road conditions.  Now,  that we are on and working this Blog, Please, help if you can with all the stories you can find.

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